About Us

Our Story

We at Rock.It are blatantly obsessed with making you the best, stronger, and more focused version of yourself. It all started with an idea to create clothing that soak sweat like a sponge. At first, it was just a shirt, designed to be soft, comfortable, and skin-tight but at the same time breathable with moisture-wicking characteristics.

Everything was built around achieving maximum performance by designing clothes that keep you cooler all day long even in case of extreme fitness hardships.

Our non-ending promise to design the most comfortable fitness clothing has garnered a loyal fanbase that resonates with our idealogy to become the best you.

Our Vision

To inspire you in the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself.

Empowering you to strive for the unattainable.

Innovating to transform your present-day.

Together we win, together we achieve mountains.


For media and press enquiries please email: hello@rockit.co.in

For all customer service enquiries please click here: Contact us

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